Can I claim the referral offer post sign up ?

Good afternoon, I know this is probably going to be a long shot, but I signed up to switch to Bulb this afternoon after a friend of mine was telling me about it, but I changed over without using his referral code, is there a way I can redo it using his referral link ? #technologyisntmyforte

Hey @adamd_87, we could tell you to withdraw your registration and do it again. But we both know that’s a waste of time. Seeing as you got in touch so quickly, let us know the name of your friend and we’ll make sure the credit is added to both of your accounts :slight_smile: #hashtagsclearlyareyourforte

Hi Rachel, that’s great thank you so much !!! his name is Kevin Michael Hassan, if you need any more details please do let me know and I can email them to you !!!

No problemo, @adamd_87 . I’ve requested the credit is added to both your accounts. Don’t be surprised if this doesn’t show immediately, the manual process can take a few weeks. #minionscanbeslow

Hi Rachel, that’s not a problem, it means there is less chance of me spending it on chocolate and less chance of him spending it on Gin. Thanks again Rachel, many thanks for your help #rachelisawesome !!

We’re glad we can help make this gin and chocolate party a thing! #inviteusssssssss