Can I claim the Warm Home discount?

Can I claim this ,I am on pension credit

Hi @MabelBKD642 ,

Sorry for missing your query until now - Just to let you know, I’m just another Bulb customer like yourself and have no access to any of your details (nor should you supply any on this public form).

According to you need to be receiving the ‘Guarantee Credit’ element of pension credit. If you do, you are classed as a ‘core group’ member and the Department of Work and Pensions should be shortly sending you a letter (sent before the 23rd of November - so allow up to the 7th of December) to let you know what you need to do.

If all you receive is pension credit (without the guarantee credit), then, sorry you don’t seem to be applicable. If, however, you receive other benefits you might be be applicable in Bulb’s ‘broader group’ definitions - if you check that web page (which also has the sign up link), you’ll be able to check the lists.

@MabelBKD642 I would suggest having a telephone chat with Bulb rather than plastering your intimate personal circumstances on a public forum.

I have just sent my application in under the “broader group” but they have much narrower benefits than most. They also say in receipt of Universal Credit which has not been rolled out across the whole of the country yet but they do not specify Working Tax Credit. It is not clear so I would call them x