Can I get a free boiler from Bulb under the Affordable Warmth Obligation?

I believe I might qualify for a free boiler or help with the cost of a new boiler, maybe even central heating, under the Affordable Warmth Obligation agreement, but find the information online contradictory and confusing.
I hope someone from Bulb can help me with this.
Do I claim through Bulb? Or the heating installation engineer? Is it like for like (I would like a combi but currently have just a gas water heater), will they only pay for a cheap, bog standard boiler? Any other information about claiming for this would be gratefully received.
Many thanks.

As an aside, ‘Affordable Warmth Obligation’ is also known as ‘Energy Company Obligation’ akak ECO2t (see ) and Bulb does meet the customer number criteria (see ) and you can check the criteria for entitlement on .

I’ve got no idea about Bulb’s offering for this though.

Hey @metermaid

Bulb will be ECO complaint from April 2019.

We’ll let our members know when it’s available :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. Please can you tell me how to go about claiming in April? I can find zero information about the process, how long it takes, etc. Does the boiler actually have to break down? Can I replace an old gas water heater with a combi? How long does the grant take to come through? Can I claim the whole price or a %? Cheap bog standard boiler only for free? There is a real deficit of information about this scheme. Thanks again.

Hey @metermaid. We’ve not finalised these details yet. Once we have, we’ll be notifying our members of exactly how it works and what they’re entitled to.

For now, the information that @RichyB has linked you to is useful.

Thanks, Eleanor. Surely, though, the detail of the scheme will be the same as other suppliers’ schemes already in operation? Anyway, thanks again, I look forward to hearing more details come April - perhaps before?

RichyB, many thanks for the links - sorry, I meant to look at them before but got called away from the PC and forgot. The last link was especially helpful. I do qualify, which is great.

Any update on this? Up on contacting customer services I have been told to come back to you by the end of the year?! Reading articles online you are to be ECO compliant by April 2019. Please advise

Hi @S1mon ,

Apologies for the lack of clarity on this.

A quick description of how ECO works:
Bulb has ECO funding targets set by Ofgem. Bulb will use this funding to partner with installers or organisations that manage an installer supply chain.
Bulb hasn’t yet decided who we will partner with, but we’ll keep you updated. We want to get going with this as soon as possible, but also want to make sure we partner with the right organisation.

Our recommendation for members looking to make the most of ECO funding
There are various providers that you can contact to determine if you are eligible for an ECO funded boiler.
One option is phoning the Energy Savings Advice helpline. They can help you understand whether you qualify for ECO funding. If you do, they’ll explain what to do next.

Another option is to determine your eligibility using a website such as . This is a website run by a company called Agility Eco that receives funding from multiple energy suppliers.

Why hasn’t Bulb allocated ECO funding yet?
Every energy supplier has flexibility around when they allocate their ECO funding. Technically we are told we need to allocate funding any time between now and the end of April 2022. Given Bulb is complying with ECO for the first time, this gives us some flexibility at the beginning to find time to choose the right partner to receive our funding.

What will Bulb do once it has allocated funding?
Once we’ve allocate funding, we will let our members who our selected partners are. Given our future partners may be geography specific, the best option is still to contact a central helpline that can help you make the most of ECO funding from suppliers across the energy industry.

I’m fairly sure that you can apply for ECO funding from any company, not just your current supplier.

I tried this - contacted my old supplier, British Gas - and they were almost surly in their refusal. I’m currently trying to determine when Bulb’s ECO compliance starts as I have heard nothing further via email.

Well, despite what Eleanor said, I’m now being told via online chat that Bulb’s ECO compliance could start anytime between now and April 2022! I give up.

Hi @metermaid

Each ECO compliant energy supplier contributes a sum of money towards energy saving grants. This money is used to partner with companies who carry out energy saving measure or organisations that manage an installer supply chain.

Bulb has not chosen it’s partners yet but this should not stop you from applying now.

To find out if you are eligible, you can call the The Energy Savings Advice: 0300 123 1234 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm, Saturday 10am to 2pm). They can help you understand whether you qualify for ECO funding. If you do, they’ll explain what to do next.

We’re writing up a help centre article to explain exactly how ECO works and where we’re up to.

@Eleanor at Bulb

Should it be ECO compliant energy supplier?

Hi. I am eligible so how do I apply?

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@Eleanor at Bulb

Should it be ECO compliant energy supplier?


Hi @Sue1234

I’d suggest visiting the MyEcoHome website. If you fill in their quick form, they’ll arrange to give you a call back and talk you through the next steps.

You can also call The Energy Savings Advice: 0300 123 1234 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm, Saturday 10am to 2pm) who can tell you which organisations are offering ECO in your area.

Let us know how you get on.

Hi there - I am following this - when will the scheme be up and running please? It does seem to be taking an immeasurable amount of time. A lot of these comments are from last year … surely if a large energy company is legally obliged to offer this scheme to customers they would have it up and running by now? I am eligible and have followed your advice on your website by visiting the OFGEM website but they advised coming back to you which I did via online chat only to be told Bulb cannot offer it yet as they are finalising the scheme … are Bulb serious about this? with over 1.5 million customers surely it should be up and running by now? What can I do?