Can I get a smart meter?

I have an account with Bulb bit I would like a smart meter. Are you doing them for everyone please?

They are in the process of rolling them out since the start of the year, but you may see many other posts on here that the roll out hasn’t been as successful as they had hoped. If i was you, i would hold fire until Bulb have ironed out the problems

Hi @LynneB79

Unfortunately we aren’t able to get smart meters to everyone at the moment, as there are some jobs that need certain technology or specialist skills. To see if we can get a smart meter installed for you, you can check in your bulb account.

@darryl5653 we are having some issues with our smart meters, but even with the issues we are having the meters will still clock the usage and you will be able to get the readings from the meters too. The issues are around the more smart functions such as the in-home displays.

There’s more about our smart issues here