Can I get my credit back?


I’ve tried to find out how to claim back the credit we have in our account - can this be refunded to us? We’ve got quite a lot in credit. (And is there a simpler way to do this rather than post on here?)


Hey @72arlingford , yes we can absolutely refund your credit! How about £200 to leave a decent credit buffer for winter? I can see you’ve already reduced your payments to reduce further credit build up which is great.

Feel free to private message if you’d like to discuss the finer details of your finances with us :slight_smile: We don’t yet have a ‘Credit Refund’ button in MyBulb so currently the way to get refunded is by email, phone, chat, Community request.

Hi, I have the same question, is it possible to refund me £100 of my in credit account?
Kind regards,

Hi @TR1C1A_T we can refund your account down to one and a half times your monthly payments, as those payments are paying for the next month’s energy. Would you like me to refund as much as I can, down to that amount? The reason I’m being so vague numbers wise is privacy and all that, if you email or ring we can be more specific, or I can just refund as much as I can now if you like.

Yes please, as much as you can,
Thank you

@TR1C1A_T I have sent you an email confirming what I have done.

Thank you Owen, I haven’t received an email yet?

@TR1C1A_T sorry about that. I have resent it, please check your spam folder if you can’t see it in your main inbox.

I am paying over and above what I actually consume and my credit increases every month. Could Bulb please re-calculate it? and could you refund part of my credit?
Thanking you in advance,
Elizabeth-Anne Velloza
6 Coodham House

@Elizabeth_Anne11 I have changed the payment amount and refunded part of the credit. I have messaged you about the details.

Hi, can you refund as much as possible to myself please?

Hi @laura I’ve refunded as much as we can. I’ve emailed you with the details just now.


Hi there, could I request a refund of the maximum permitted for our account? Thanks.

@JanetD I can see that there has been a refund on the account. Let me know if you need us to do anything else :slight_smile:

Hi, I also would like to receive £100 of my credit refunded to my account. How can I go about this? Many thanks

Hi, please can you arrange for some money to be creditted to my bank, as I’ve got quite a lot built up in there?
Thanks, Lee.

Hi @amanda I’ve refunded that for you now.

and @leea I’ve refunded everything we’re able to and confirmed in a personal message the amount refunded.

please can I recieve £100 credit refunded to my account?

Hi Celi, i’ve done that for you :slight_smile: merry xmas!

Could I please have as much credit as possible refunded?