Can I get my credit back?

Hi @CalvinD I have refunded £400 to your bank.

hi , can someone set the wheels in motion to refund my credit of £100 on my account please , thanks

Hi, I have sent in my exit bills for which Bulb said they would pay the exit fees. Please may you credit the amount to my account and then refund any excess on the minimum that must be held in my account? Thanks

Hi Christoff, I’ve paid that for you into your Bulb account. :slight_smile: Happy new year!

Hi Christoff, I've paid that for you into your Bulb account. :) Happy new year!

Hi Ella, thank you very much! Please may you also refund the credit balance onto my debit card? Thank you, Chris

Hello, could I please have as much refunded into my account as possible?

Hi could you refund me the £100 too please to my bank?

@Christoff I’ve refunded that for you. @poppycm I’ve emailed you about this, and @Poppy12 we need some meter readings from you before we can issue the refund, can ya send some over please :slight_smile:

Hi could you please refund me my credit, as much as possible, cheers

Hi can I be refunded as much credit as possible. Is it better if I phone up?

Is it possible to refund me £100 please?

Hi @rachielou15, it’s usually faster if you phone up but I’m sure here’s fine too.

@Ripley and @rachielou15 I have refunded you as much as I can for now. @rkane1 it looks like you beat me to it and called up! Owen

Cheers Owen

Good morning! Can we have have a refund from our account too please?

Thank you for your message @TomNFrankie

The fastest way to receive a refund from your account is to phone us on 0300 303 0635. A member of our team will pick up, let you know what the value of the refund will be and when you can expect to receive it in your bank account :slight_smile:

Hi, I spoke to someone via email about having our credit paid into our account but haven’t seen anything yet. COuld you tell me how long it takes please?

How do I claim my credit back I have emailed and had no reply. By the time I’m home from work the contact center is closed.

Hi @Katielou18, they will respond to your email eventually but it can take a few days.

@Weezypops, it can take up to 10 days from the request being processed by Bulb.

@Weezypops I can see my colleague Ursula is in the process of emailing you, so I will leave her to process the refund back for you shortly.
@Katielou18 Give us a call if the request is an urgent one, we will be responding back to your email as quickly as we can.