Can I have a bill please... 3 months without!

Could I please have a bill? I’ve been attempting to get in touch for almost a month now but either get disconnected from your live chat or ‘your incredibly busy’.

Obviously I am not the only one in this predicament as there are plenty of others on this forum with no bill.

Curious as to why we have to chase up this problem?

But can I have my bills please?
Hannah Pym

Because bulbs accounting /billing system is broken beyond redemption.
Therefore they put the ONUS on the customer to tell them which bit is not working.
The roll out of “smart” meters has just exascerbated the problem as it has put more pressure on a system that already couldn’t cope

Switched mid November and nothing yet! Appreciate that’s only 2 months but they keep taking money and not sending me anything. I can’t budget like this, I want a bill so I can work out how much we’re using!! As a new customer, I’m not impressed :frowning:

In the same situation, been like this since smart meter installed in September.

I would like one too! Have not had a bill since 17 August and have not had a response to my messages. Would like to know how much energy I am using.

Haven’t been billed since August. I’ve tried several times to get in touch and get the issue resolved. I was told last time that it had been, but still no bill. I’m just guessing that all this renewable energy I’m using is free. After all, if it wasn’t free, I’d be getting charged for it surely?

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Welcome to the Bulb Community @libbywatts @janed @tbarnes130 :wave:

I’ve sent you a PM about your first statement @libbywatts. Whenever changes are made to your payment date, this changes the date we’ll issue your statement as well - we take payment on your payment date (the start of the billing period), and then issue the statement at the end of that billing period.

@CatW @janed1 @tbarnes130 I’m looking into your billing issues now, so should have an update to you via email or PM tomorrow.

I had my smart meter fitted in August and the electric is not working also I have not had a bill since September- I have raised this over a dozen times on the helpline but no response
Not a happy customer

Hi @tyronewilson1, I need to get some more information about your meters in order to rectify your billing issue, so I’m going to send you an email before the end of the day about this :+1:t2:

Lou :stars:

I have sent this a few times to your help desk
I have emailed you all the stuff

No bill either since smart meter - please could you forward me one and have then sent out monthly

Also why do you not have a telephone number so we can talk to people

Also why do you not have a telephone number so we can talk to people
0300 30 30 635

You can find a telephone via this page:


if you sign into your Bulb Account and locate the last statement which is showing, their telephone is shown on the statement.

I don’t work for Bulb, You must really look at what question of yours I was responding to before posting!!!. “You asked why do you not have a telephone number so we can talk to people”, I provided the answer

Sorry I thought you were bulb

No, you didn’t. This is rubbish. How can you get it so wrong?

Hi @libbywatts - you should’ve received a statement now. Let me know if you have any questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bulb wrong? You jest they can do no wrong, its always the other guy’s fault :rofl:

Haven’t had an update yet…