Can I have a paper bill?

Hi, I’ve recently switched to Bulb and I now need a paper bill as proof of utility for a bank application. Is it possible to get one sent? I have tried looking for my billing preferences but cannot find an option for a paper bill.


Hi @wai715 ,
I’ve just added your most recent bill to be printed out and sent over to you. It’s not the fastest process in the world but it’s absolutely fine for you to print the bill out yourself and use that as proof of address.

If it’s an urgent application, I’d advise on printing the PDF from home. If not, there is one on its way to you now.

Cheers, Rob

Thanks Rob.

It’s not urgent at all. I did print a copy out but the staff at Lloyds said they do not accept copies or home printed bills. I will wait for the paper copy.


This is a regular thing for me too. No one accepts bills printed at home as evidence of address. Would be great if we could choose a paper option for those people who need this evidence regularly. Could you send my last bill out as paper too?

Hi Justin, we would rather not have default paper statements as we are trying to reduce waste, and one of the ways that we can do this is by using paperless statements. I will, of course, put your statement in the post for you today though. Owen

Hi @robc could I also get a paper copy sent to my address for the same proof of address reason?
Thanks very much!

@Tam that’s winging its way to you now :slight_smile:


I also need proof of address for something so would it be possible to post a copy of my most recent bill?



@Melissa1 - One is on its way to you now.


Thanks Henry!

Would I be able to request the same please?

Hi there @Mlg no problem it’s in the post :slight_smile:

I completely understand the reasons to go paperless and that’s exactly what I want. Unfortunately I have printed my statement but the home office doesn’t accept as prof of address. I need “a one of” print from you guys at bulb.

Many thanks

Could i also get a paper bill sent out? Trying to sort our mortgage and need a utility bill.


Hi @Cheila and @mikemellor11

I’ve sent one out for you now.

@“Rob at Bulb” Thank you

Could I request a paper bill too please? I need it for an interview.

Could I request a paper bill too please? I need it for an interview.

You shouldd be able to print one yourself (assuming you have a printer) by going to “Payments and Statements” on your account and then scrolling down to the most recent “download statement”.

Could I also get a paper bill for an DBS check, please?

@Lindsay and @DarrenGoff I’ll post a bill out to you.

Just to let everyone know, the pdf statements that appear on your monthly statements and online account, is all that we print on our side. If you have access to a printer you can equally print these at home.