Can I make use of an SSE installed smart meter when I join bulb in a couple of weeks time ?

I am in the process of moving from SSE to bulb and was wondering if the smart meter and monitor I have had for a while now can be used in anyway when I join bulb ?

Hi @rob_warby

We can’t read smart meters yet. Generally energy companies can’t read other companies smart meters. There’s a big industry wide project to change that, but it keeps being delayed. For the time being it will have to be used as a normal meter.

If you have an energy monitor, which is something that clips onto a normal meter and sends readings to a device in your home, then you can definitely still use that with Bulb.

All the best,

Thanks Will. The monitor device I got with the SSE smart meter seems pretty good for showing current usage / cost etc but I can’t find a way of seeing a meter reading on the device, which means I will have to go to the meter box to be able to submit a meter reading for bulb. Do you know if the SSE monitor can show a meter reading, can’t seem to get too much help from SSE !!! ? Thanks

No worries, you’re welcome.

Hmm. I don’t know anything about the models that SSE use, but it’s usually worth a try just playing with the buttons to see what happens. You can’t break it, so I’d just try pressing all the buttons and see what comes up. Does it say anything that could be a model name or number on it? We might be able to find instructions online for it.