Can I sign in to the Community with a magic link?

At the moment you can only sign in to the community using your password and email address. Your old password will still work and you can still reset passwords in exactly the same way as before.

We have improved the sign in process for managing your account in by not needing a password. Just put in your email and then click the link we send you. Much easier, as well as being more secure. You can read more about it here. We’re working on bringing this to the community.

The only problem with the new link is though Will…It then send you another new link and I still cannot sign-in! Not ideal and very poor to be honest. I have tried to do this on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but just stuck in a loop. Why change something that didn’t really need fixing?

Hi @mark2533 it looks like you may have requested additional emails by accident and not clicked the most recent link. Only the most recent email will work. We’re working on improving the error messages when you click an expired link.