Can I submit past meter readings on specific dates in the last month?


I live in an apartment block where I don’t have direct access to my electricity meter.
Meter readings are taken by my landlord once a month, on a date that varies from month to month.
I can email my landlord to get the latest reading, but I don’t know when it will be available.


On Bulb web app, it is only possible to submit meter readings for the last 4 days.
On Bulb iOS app, it is only possible to submit meter readings for the current day.


This is why I need to be able to submit meter readings for specific dates, or dates within the last month.

Hi @SamL, that’s an interesting one. If you’re not too bothered about super accurate tracking of your usage, you can just submit your reading as if it was one of the last 4 days. It won’t affect your payments very much and will average out of over time. You only have to submit your readings once every 3 months anyway so day to day accuracy is not really a concern for suppliers.

If you have a gas meter as well, your landlord cannot deny you access to your meter. If it’s just an electricity meter, there’s definitely an argument to be made regarding access but the battle’s probably not worth it.


For me it’s simpler to just be able to input a bunch of past data for readings, then from day one my bill is accurate at the +/- few pounds level, not overestimated, as a new customer, by 10 pounds as currently.

The issue isn’t about my landlord denying access. I get meter readings once per month. The electricity meters are all in the same cupboard in the communal areas which therefore saves me space in my apartment.

There may be a bunch of other people in the same situation - maybe 10-15% of bulb customers.

I suspect your estimate of 10-15% is very high (I’ve rented plenty and never had this) but even if it’s 0.5%, that’d still be >1250 people with an issue which needs a solution.

I’ll have to leave the rest to the Bulb team though!

Hi @SamL - Thanks for getting in touch. Our online and app platforms aren’t able to take readings from any further back than 4 days at the moment. To give us a reading earlier than then, I would suggest dropping us an email at and we can enter the readings for you.

One other thing, unless you would like an accurate idea of how much you use each month, all we need is the most recent reading to re-run the estimated statements and have you billed accurately for your usage.

Let me know if you have any questions!


What you could do is estimate what your reading is likely to be today given knowledge of the day it was taken and the previous reading, and then submit that to bulb.

@“Vicky at Bulb”, as it sounds like something that @SamL is going to be faced with every month until the end of time, perhaps it could at least be added to the roadmap in the ideas section?

@“Vicky at Bulb” Thanks - that makes sense!
@zak Yep - I actually do that already using the data I gather on the app Meter . but that extrapolation procedure costs me time and I would rather not have to do it.

@mowcius yes @“Will at Bulb” can certainly add this to the roadmap.

@SamL cool app. What do you use it for besides working around Bulb’s website’s shortcomings? :-/

@“Andrew at Bulb”

I use it for capturing my electricity, water and heat (kWhr - from district heating - hot water and home heat).

This allows me to

  • Compare this year’s usage, with last years usage (especially heat).
  • Convert between measurement units (water volume / kWhr) and pounds.
  • Make predictions about future usage, per day/week/quarter/year.

Meter also features a price comparison feature, but I don’t use it.

Maybe bulb need a kind of nudge feature: you input the size of your home (floor space) and number of residents, and then bulb say “compared to this group, you use a more heat”.

Hi @samL I know a few members who are big fans of what these guys do. They even add weather conditions in your area into the mix, but you do have to pay. Some really great things can be done with data and this is definitely an area we want to improve upon.

Maybe bulb need a kind of nudge feature: you input the size of your home (floor space) and number of residents, and then bulb say "compared to this group, you use a more heat".
This one's been discussed but because there are so many variables at play which for a lot of people can't be changed, I'm not convinced by the idea.

Someone renting who can’t change physically change anything will use far more energy than someone with the same floor area who’s just bought new windows, sealed up all the draughts and insulated their house as much as physically possible.

Also someone older will most likely use more energy than someone younger, and encouraging them to use less energy for heating is probably not a good idea.