Can I switch only Gas?

My inlaws recently switch their electricity to Octopus. I’ve read from a few people deliberating between Octopus and Bulb. I like the fact that Bulb uses 10% green gas. However, I like the idea of supporting both projects and as a bonus I’m sure my father in law would be grateful for the referral bonus.

I would like to move my gas from British Gas to Bulb and my Electricity from British Gas to Octopus. Is it possible to move my gas to Bulb?

Hi @bratty100 thanks for asking.

I’m very sorry we can’t sign you up with gas only (we can with just electricity) because of the different operational costs for electricity and gas, Gas is much more expensive and our profit margin is already very low so it’s cost inefficient for us to only supply a property with gas. Perhaps you would be able to do it the other way around and have your gas supplied by Octopus and your electricity with us?

The way we differ from Octopus is that we are an independent start-up and have only one tariff that is 100% renewable, whereas they have a number of tariffs that include some non-renewable sources too
and are owned by conglomerate Octopus-Titan which also own Zoopla, Graze and Secret Escapes.

Hope that helps you out! Please let me know if you have any other questions :smile:

Evie, that’s very interesting information about Octopus-Titan thanks. Didn’t know Octopus energy were funded by venture capitalists. One thing though, from what I have seen although they did own Zoopla they don’t anymore. It seems they exited the business some time ago.

Thanks Evie, that’s really helpful. I can understand you not wanting people to switch to gas-only if there are a lot more costs involved. I wouldn’t want to switch to Octopus gas-only as I’d want to support your biofuel project.

I have a relative who works for Graze and I’ve worked for two companies with venture capitalist investment. I’d rather my money went to companies who actually care and believe in what they are doing. I have my own small business so I also like the idea of supporting smaller.

I’m in! Will sign up now.

Hi @pinuk sorry I didn’t know that Zoopla had exited octopus ventures. Interesting stuff, thanks for the update!

Thanks @bratty100 we’re psyched you’re signing up!

The whole thing about Bulb is that we’re trying to fast track government policies and increase national renewable energy supply by increasing demand. We believe being totally renewable should be in industry standard, not a luxury product with premium prices! That’s why we’ll commit to always keep our tariff rates as low as possible.

Hope it sounds like something you’re into :smile: Let me know if there’s any more questions I can answer for you.