Can I switch payment method from direct debit to an electronic invoice?

Hello, Can I switch payment method from direct debit to an electronic invoice where I can pay each monthly bill manually online? I live in a houseshare with 3 other people and I will soon be moving out. i would like to have the bill sent to me electronically in the meantime. Thanks Shannon

hi @swoo- we can only offer monthly reoccurring payments. You will receive your statements each month over email.

It would be great if you could let us know when you move out so we can create a final bill for the time the three of you are in the house together for. We can then set up a new account under one of your housemate’s name. This means you won’t be charged for any use after you leave.

Hi Helen,
My flatmates would like to change provider as no one feels to take on a standing order/automatic direct debit payment system. We will make a switch to another provider, probably Ecotricity. Can you let me know how I can please stop the following month’s September payment so that the credit on our account is used towards the final bill? Thanks Shannon

hi @swoo - ok that’s no problem. Glad to see the other option is still renewable :wink:

You currently don’t have enough spare credit to skip a payment (unless you are moving out before 10th September). However, if there is any credit left over after the next payment, we would refund it straight after the final bill has been generated.