Can I switch to a prepay meter?

Hi, I’m moving home shortly and have signed up to bulb, but in my new property I have electric on ppm but gas on direct debit. I would much rather have everything on ppm. I’ve seen a lot of info on how to switch from ppm to credit, but can you switch the other way around? And are there any charges involved?

that is always possible to go from one to the other. Typically to go from credit to ppm, it would a decision made as result of debt, & the company would still charge you to change it.

In theory you should be able to, but I would expect bulb to charge you to change your meter from credit to ppm or ppm to credit.

best option is to context bulb directly to ask.

But just a warning ppm customers typically pay more for energy than crefit meter customers, that should factor into your decision making process. do want to pay for a ppm to then also be charged a higher rate for using that meter?