Can I switch to Bulb if I don't have a smart meter?

Can I switch to Bulb if I don’t have a smart meter? Where I live it is not possible to have a smart meter because of poor mobile signal. Is that a problem for switching to Bulb?

Hi @paulpagett, not having a smart meter is absolutely not a problem. Even when Bulb offer them, you don’t have to accept them.

Bulb will be rolling out Smart Meters from the middle of this year and although you may have poor mobile signal, I believe there are technical solutions to almost all potential problems like this (high gain antennas, mesh networking rather than mobile networking etc.). A lot of suppliers have been pretty useless at implementing these solutions as they cost more money and take more time, but as everyone in the UK has to be provided the offer of a smart meter before 2020, some clever solutions have to be implemented eventually.

Perhaps you wish to be on the trial if you join us (trial meter rollout is from April) - I’m sure Bulb would be interested in what they could do to overcome the technical challenges with providing you with a smart meter.

Hi @paulpagett

@mowcius is correct, we’d love to have you smart meter or not! We haven’t started rolling our smart meters out yet but you would be under no obligation to take up our offer when we do :slight_smile: