Can I switch to Bulb if I have 2 electricity meters?

I am hoping I can switch to Bulb however I have 2 electricity meters…one is for on peak hours and the other is for off peak hours. Can bulb accommodate this? I know it’s a flat rate but wondering whether I’m going to have to get a new single meter installed

I have two electric meters and this is handled. The only downside is that online meter readings can only be submitted for one electric meter, the other has to be sent by email. I usually just send my two electric meter readings and gas meter reading all in one email.

Hi there @withsandyfeet as @morrellt31 says we can’t handle both meters on our website, also there are certain meter set ups that we can’t take on, some of the very unusual ones, and we’re only able to give you an off peak rate for an economy 7 meter. If you fire a photo of your meters or a copy of a recent bill over to we’ll be able to identify the meters and we’ll let you know whether we can take them on