Can I top up gas / electric from my lap-top?

Hello, I will soon be joining Bulb. ( A recent Boost defector)
I hope I am able to top up energy , view balance, have an idea how long it will last from my lap-top ?
I don’t use a smart phone for payments and don’t live at the property going to be served by Bulb, but it does have a smart meter. Hence the need to use my lap-top from my office.
If I can’t then Bulb will be no use to me.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. David.

Hi @david_james_kirk

A warm welcome to the community :tada: we hope to be seeing you around :eyes:

If you have smart prepayment meters that is connected to the smart network you can indeed log in on a laptop to top up. A good way to know if it is connected is if you were able to top up online with your current / old provider.

You just need to log into your account and top up there.

If you have any other queries please let me know.


That is the answer I wanted. Thanks Mel