Can my partner use a new referral link?


We have moved house. My partner is taking over the electricy and gas bill. Can he use a new referral link? We have been with our previous house. Thanks

The full terms and conditions are here.

17.2.4. Referrers must be existing Bulb members. Recruits must not have already signed up to Bulb or be an existing member, already on supply with Bulb, or a member of Bulb in the preceding 12 months, under any email address or alias.

Providing neither the new property nor your partner have been with Bulb in the last 12 months, then yes they can use a referral link. And just to be clear, not that I think you’re asking this, but your own referral link wont work any more once you’re no longer a customer. So unless you’ll have legal responsibility for both properties at the same time during the switch you wont be able yourself to refer your partner. If you need a new referral link, please let me know :slightly_smiling_face: