Can no longer see my current balance or usage in Bulb App

Hi there, im currently using the bulb app to track my usage and current balance but in the past few months instead of my onscreen balance i get the message “were having trouble getting your balance ready” for both gas and electric. I dont have an IDH as i inherited the smart meter from the previous house owner so i have to keep checking my balance directly outside and in the winter its not ideal. Would it be possible for someone to look into this so i can track from the app again. Many Thanks.

Hi @sparksey - welcome to community :wave:

I’m afraid there’s an error on usage graphs at the moment for SMETS1 secure meters that have recently been enrolled onto the smart network. It’s something our smart team are working on to get fixed and it should be resolved soon. This may also be why you can’t see your balance in your Bulb account. Are you still about see how much credit you have on your meters?

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Megan,
Thankyou for the response. I can see how much credit there is if i read it directly from the viewing screen on my meter but its just a pain to have to do when its hammering it down with rain every so often. If its something thats currently being worked on and can be resolved asap then im happy to continue to wait unless you think theres something else that can be done?.
Thanks again.

Hi @sparksey

When your smart meters were installed, the engineer was unable to connect your meters to the nationwide smart network, which is why you’re unable to see the balance in your account. The smart network is still quite new, and the strength can vary around the country. So we’ve raised the issue with the network provider and they’ll investigate. I’m sorry about the wait.

When the network provider lets us know the network is ready in your area, we’ll be in touch with next steps. In the meantime, I’m afraid you’ll need to check the credit on your meters rather than in your Bulb account.

The network providers give us a list of areas with enough coverage for smart meters to be installed successfully. Before you booked your appointment, we ran a check to make sure your property was in an area with network connectivity. It doesn’t look like their information was correct, as the coverage isn’t strong enough in your area yet. It’s also possible that you live near the boundary of an area without enough coverage.

I’m sorry to keep you waiting.

– Meg :bulb: