Can’t get a meter read as door won’t open

I can’t take a reading as the meter box won’t open, the lock has worn away and the key won’t fit. Can you send a meter reader out to help please?

Hi @Piratesteve ,

Unfortunately, the ‘meter box’ is the responsibility of the householder (so if the hinges or doors break, it’s up to you to fix). If the lock has failed, I would just force it open myself and get a new door for it. If a meter reader was sent round, they’ll probably need you to sign a disclaimer before they forced it open as it’s technically your property - and then you’ll still need to replace the door yourself.

If the entire meter box needs replacing (unlikely), you’ll need to contact your local distribution company (such as UK Power Networks or SGN - it depends on your region) to shut off power whilst the entire box is replaced. A couple of them do appear to do door repairs/replacements, but prices seem to start at £53 - I’ve found just the door available online for £27 including postage)

I would think using needle nose pliers will turn the lock. A picture of the lock in question would help to get info on how to open it.

Also if there is no other damage when using the pliers to open the door, according to this site you may be able to buy a replacement lock at just over £4 including delivery charge.

You could also try If you have a socket-set then a 9mm or 11/32 socket fits exactly over the triangular spindle, maybe a smaller one to get a tight fit if it has been worn. Once open replace as Allanr suggests.