Can’t top up my Smart Meter

I had my old prepay meter switched to a smart meter that I top up using the app on my phone. A few days after installation i topped up using my phone £20 no bother. I went into emergency over the weekend and only remembered tonight so went to top up, and imagine my surprise when I get a message telling me that “ We’re still switching your meters You’re not yet able to top up”.

What the hell? How was I able to top up on the 10th June then??? So now I’ve used up all my emergency credit and fully expect my power to go off in the morning and I work from home. Just fantastic. And I can’t buy a top up from a shop as I haven’t received a means with which to buy any.

This is why I left E-on because they put smart meters in and it was one mess up after another till they left me with no electric for days and ended up having to rip them back out again.

What are you going to do to sort this?

You may be better to CONTACT bulb direct as this public forum can be a bit hit and miss as to whether or not a bulb operative will appear on here.
The contact details can be found in the HELP section, I would post you a link but in their ultimate wisdom bulb have put a blanket ban on links, without taking into consideration that this would include helpful links.
Well done bulb once again you have gone the extra mile to shoot yourself in the foot

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Thank you. I was contacted this morning and they have put steps in place to resolve this.

Issue with their systems apparently


Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to the Bulb community page :wave:

I am sorry for the problems you faced whilst topping up your meters. I’ve listened to the call you had this morning with my colleague, and the issue was that some of your meter details were not quite right on our system.

Once this problem had been fixed, my colleague advised you to delete and reinstall the Bulb app. Can you confirm that this worked and you are now able to top up online?

Thank you

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Hi @mojo

We’ll be enabling the ability to post links again soon. We have just updated community and are testing out some new things which we think are pretty cool.

Do you have any other feedback or ideas at all that I can pass on?


Nathan :bulb: