Can we find out how many customers you have, or at least when you hit 100k or some other milestone?

Just joined- I work in renewables and figured I should put my money where my mouth/job is. Is there any way for us in the community to be excited about the growth of the company and the number of customers? Once you hit a decent level, a little counter on the homepage of signups would be neat.

Really love the simplicity of the sign up process, the interface, and the green energy. The guy from Scottish Power had never heard of Bulb before (I had to spell it out for him).

My only critical thought is that MyBulb is a bit of a naff name- I thought we had given up on calling things MyThis or MyThat these days? Reminds me of things like My Ebay etc. Would much rather it was just “my account” or “login” - for one because that’s actually what it is, and also because when looking for where to login, it’s not intuitive to click on some random made up word that doesn’t actually exist. Your Bulb branding is already really strong and I don’t think you need to try and reinforce it with the account section.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Hey @clong

Hmm that’s a very good question. Obviously we’re thrilled that you’re excited for renewables and we want to involve our members as much as possible. Our member numbers are business sensitive for now, but we will publish them at some point, Big milestones seem like a great way to celebrate that.

Maybe there’s something else cool that we could think of to get you all involved in the business more. Obviously we’ve got the community where we want to hear all your thoughts and ideas (thanks for this by the way!), but anything more would be great. We’ve got a referral scheme coming up soon, as well as a bunch of things to get more people more involved in the community so fingers crossed that’ll help.

If MyBulb is your only critical thought, then I’m delighted! But it’s an excellent point. We do want things to be as intuitive as possible. I’ll have a chat with the team about it, and see if we can get some more members to chime in with their thoughts.