Can we get a community update? It's embarrassing.

A friend of mine made some comments about Pure Planet the other day and I haven’t looked into them for a while so I went to have a gander (I might post another thread to discuss the company itself).

Looking at their community site I was however again reminded how bad the Bulb forums are (personally I think the whole Bulb website is pretty horrible).

Based on 100 threads per page, the Bulb community has around 8300 threads but the Pure Planet community sure looks significantly better to an outsider even with considerably fewer threads and posts.

and Pure Planet’s community is even getting a redesign tomorrow!

They even reward those who are the most helpful:
People with fewer than 10 posts have been given rewards…!

Heya @mowcius

It’s not good to hear you think our website is ‘horrible’! Could you explain what it is you don’t like about it? It would help us think about how to make improvements.

In terms of Community redesign, we’ve not been sat idle. As we’ve mentioned in previous threads, such rapid growth at Bulb has forced us to turn our attention to other parts of the business.

This hasn’t been fair on our core Community users who help out members when they need a hand and get involved in interesting discussions. But as the forum was functioning, we had to make the decision to put any changes involving our software engineers on hold.

But our Community hasn’t been forgotten. Behind the scenes we’ve been busy thinking about how to make this a better and more rewarding place for everyone:

  • @"Caroline W at Bulb" has spoken to some of our most active Community members, including @Hooloovoo , @Allanr , @RichyB . This was really useful as it helped us to prioritise a list of features that our existing Community need, and new members would find engaging.
  • Our senior engineers have been scoping out the most effective and user-friendly software to use.
  • @"Vicky at Bulb" has been busy designing the new platform. Making sure it works for different types of people – from the casual observers to those who like to settle in for a big discussion.

While we don’t want to promise you a release date for the new design, we’re building the foundations to make it possible.

The PurePlanet team look like they’re using a rewards system very similar to giffgaff’s reward system. We’ve been told by members that they’re not interested in financial rewards on the Bulb Community. But this doesn’t mean we can’t reward members for their contributions in other ways.

Would you like to see rewards on Bulb Community? If so, what would this look like?

What is it that you particularly like about the Pure Planet design? What are the top features you’d like to see on the Bulb Community?

<blockquote class="Quote" rel="Eleanor at Bulb<ul> <li> @"Caroline W at Bulb" has spoken to some of our most active Community members, including @Hooloovoo , @Allanr , @RichyB . </blockquote
  • @“Eleanor at Bulb” That’s good to hear, but top of my list to seek advice from would have been @mowcius . Has @“Caroline W at Bulb” attempted that conversation? Or could she do so now if other party willing?

  • Heya @yyt

    Yes @“Caroline W at Bulb” and @mowcius met when mowcius visited the Bulb offices back in January 2018.

    They talked about Community and the various problems with it. His insights have fed into the current community design project!

    @yyt :grin:

    I have spoken to @“Caroline W at Bulb” in the past but I’ve not been as active recently and have not been contacted again.

    Being completely honest, I have no particular desire to try and work out specifically why other forums seem so much better than this one.
    I think Bulb should take notice of how modern agile companies work on projects like this though and just get on with actually trying something. Less asking us lot exactly what we think we want, and more just throwing things at us and seeing what sticks.

    As almost none of the bugs that I’ve reported with this forum have been fixed in all the time I’ve been a member of Bulb, forgive me if I’ve just about given up hope at this point.

    @“Eleanor at Bulb”, regarding the website as a whole, it works quite well on mobile and it appears that for accessibility it’ll be quite good, but on desktop, changing the header on almost every page and everything being so darn large seems not ideal.
    Most people have 16:9 screens or wider these days so it feels like perhaps it shouldn’t require so much scrolling to read anything.