Can you change to prepayment

Can I change to pre payment at all

And can you get the warm home discount

Hi Sarah!

We are able to offer the installation of prepayment meters, though we always give members a few notes of caution on this.

There’s a greater risk of the member going off supply, so it’s not a service we offer to people who have vulnerabilities.

Prepayment tariffs are also more expensive than their credit meter equivalents, the reason for this being the extra infrastructure cost involved in the prepayment system. Our prepay tariff is more expensive than our Vari-Fair tariff.

Due to this, we don’t offer these meters as a recommendation for people trying to manage debt on their accounts. There are a number of organisations we put people in touch with that can aid people to create budgets to resolve any bad credit situations if this is a worry.

It is an exchange we can offer though, so bearing all this in mind if a member of ours would like to have prepayment meters fitted we are of course happy to oblige.

Finally, yes! As of 1st of April 2018, we are a Warm Home discount supplier. There’s more information here: but please let me know if you have any more questions :slight_smile: