Can you get a paper copy of a bill?

I need proof of address and so can bulb send me a paper account statement?

Hi @Chris12345 ,

I don’t believe Bulb tends to send paper statements for this reason (see ) as it’ll be identical to a home printed one. However, it may be worth asking them directly at and letting us know the reply.

Hi @Chris12345 , I have re-versioned your last statement so that it will be send by post to your address :).

@RichyB We do tend to do this to help our members if, for example, a bank requests this. Some of our team have been in the same scenario, so we know how much it can help sometimes :).

Hi Erwin/Bulb Team Members - would you be able to send me a paper copy of my latest bill please? I need this as a proof of address as the home printed version I presented was recently rejected. Thanks in advance!