Can you organise a big mosque switch?

I see that you were involved in the Big Church Switch. Can you do the same for mosques?

Hi @ifees_ecoislam

Sounds like a great idea, and we’d love to be involved. There’re a couple of ways that we could do this,

In the church switch, one of their organisations advertised Bulb to their members, took down all their information and then sent this over to us. It sounds like you might not be set up for this in the same way since there was a lot of specialised work done on their end.

Instead, we could give your organisation a specialised link that your members can sign up through.

Either way, it sounds interesting and we’d like to be involved. If you send an email to we can discuss the details and get into it more.



Edit: Just saw that you’ve already emailed us, so we’ll catch you there,