Cancel my switch for the time being

Hi John hamblin here I’ve only just started my switch with you . But I want to cancel my switch at the moment because of my present gas supply I have a dept so if I switch now they ask for it all . So for the time being I won’t to cancel my switch and I’ll see you soon .

Thanks john

if you want to cancel your switch you will have to contact bulb direct, you can’t do it through this community forum-
Contact us
DON’T need to tell the world about your personal difficulties suggest you delete that part of your post

Many thanks and good point about my personal details to be honest I thought I posted it so bulb only see it silly me. Anyway I’ve contacted bulb by email so we’ll see I tried the cancel button in my account but doesn’t do anything . J

Phone them they are very sloe to respond to emails if at all

Hi @johns_range_rover I’ve done that for you.

James W