Cancel switch from current t supplier

Hi, my girlfriend set up a switch through uswitch to yourselves. I need to cancel this switch as she went through the direct debit option when we have a prepayment meter. She done this on the 30/12/17. If you need anymore information please let me know.

Hi @Rich986, as the account won’t be in your name (and therefore might be more difficult to find), you’d probably be best off ringing Bulb to arrange cancellation of the switch (0300 30 30 635).

Bulb are going to be supplying prepay meters imminently (within the next 2 months) so it might be worth asking them to let you know when they’re able to do so.

You could also request a meter change from your old supplier to a credit meter which Bulb would then be able to supply immediately.

@Rich986 Sorry for getting back to your post quite late. Exactly like Mowcius said, please get in touch with us by phone and we’ll process the cancellation for you :slight_smile: