Cancel switch

Hi there I have just joined bulb energy , and I’m with in my 14 day period and would like to cancel my switch what do I need to do,


I have withdrawn your switch to Bulb.

I was unsure whether to switch to British gas or bulb and have decided to go with British gas can I cancel my switch please

If I went to British Gas I would be paying £167.88 extra a year, no thxs. I am staying with Bulb.

hey @Ells - We’re sorry to hear that you’re leaving us but as you are within your cooling off period we have cancelled your switch.

You’ll stay with your old supplier and won’t be charged by Bulb.

We recommend that you wait a week before registering with a new supplier to make sure that the cancellation has been fully processed :slight_smile:

@leonard7077 you legend thanks for the love :smiley:

Hello wonderful Bulb people.
I need to cancel my switch too :frowning: I need to pay Scottish Power £450 if i switch now.
Can switch next year though.
I’ll be back!

@Redbullmonsta Ouch that’s rough! We’ll be here when you’re ready to switch. I’m having trouble finding your account. Can you email us some more details so we can find you in our system and cancel the switch? Email us at