Cancel uswitch to bulb lpleaee




Can you please cancel my switch to bulb. I have not heard anything. I’m going to find a different supplier.

Thank kristopher Bauld

Hi @krisbauld this is a customer forum so if you wish to cancel, you will need to contact them direct. Out of interest, when did you sign up with Bulb? the switch takes 21 days and apart from an email at the beginning, i wouldnt expect you to hear much in between until they request the meter readings.

Hi there can you please cancel switch to bulb on annexe and the main house on the account please ASAP. I have contacted you over this before. I keep getting emails from you. Kindest Regards

claudiajeffreys1970 Did you read the message above yours dated 21 October?

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What is the phone number to call to cancel my switch to bulb

0300 303 0635 opens 9am tomorrow

Thank u I will call in the morning

Some of these people don’t seem to realize that there is a fourteen(by law) day cooling off period so no supplier can start your switch before then gas is usually done first but for some obscure reason elec can take up to twenty eight days. So even cancelling the switch to bulb means you will just have to go through the process again, which obviously will take even longer