How do I cancel my subscription to bulb ?!?!

Depends on the circumstances. Are you unhappy and moving to another supplier? If so, switch and they inform bulb. You cannot simply cancel as far as I am aware, without making arrangements first to be supplied by someone else. If however it’s because your moving house and will no longer be responsible for the bills at this property, just call them and give them final meter readings. Dont be tempted to cancel your direct debit prematurely, it makes it difficult to settle any final balance due, and worse it could delay any refund you might be due.

Hi @Lauramac18,

If you are moving house, just log in to your account at (or click ‘Sign in’ in the top right corner) and there should be a picture of a truck with ‘Moving home’ next to your address - just follow the prompts (it’ll ask for a moving out date and meter readings).

As @Ed1178 said, you can’t just ‘cancel’(*) a property’s energy supplier - a company has got to be providing power to it. If you are unhappy with Bulb for whatever reason, just contact a new supplier and start switching over to them (it’ll take around 4 weeks for the process to complete because of ‘cooling off periods’ and the link - and you should have a final refund from Bulb around 6 weeks after that).

  • = Yes, you can actually arrange to cancel an energy supply. This is called a disconnection and is not recommended - you may need to provide (or get the new tenants to provide) an installation certificate to say the electrical system is suitable for re-energising, you might have to pay for engineers to come out to reset (possibly reinstall) the meters etc etc. Only really worth considering if the property is likely to be demolished or not used for many years (it’ll have to be quite a time to offset the ‘daily standing charge’ though)