Hello, I’ve done cancelation of the opening account with bulb.I told to your customer service that I have other suplyer now and I dont need anything from bulb.I haven’t even used anything from bulb and I haven’t even swiched on any electicity in the houss by bulb. Your customer told me ,that they sort everything and I haven’t any registration with bulb anymore.You sent me e-mail as well to confirm that all done and soon you will delete my all details as well. But yesterday My Bank sent to me e-mail that you set up direct debit for me again now.why that is happening? Can you sort me out and delete my details please? And can You e-mail to let me know what you’ve done please? My e-mail is

Please delete your email address. You are posting on a Community forum which can be seen by many you need to contact the Bulb help desk.