Cancellation of duplicate payment


I accidentally topped up my account with Direct Debit, however there was as well a pending monthly payment to be paid by Direct Debit as well. Thus I would like to cancel the payment of top-up amount.

First I contacted with Bulb and they told me that my bank should be able to cancel it. However my bank does not see any pending transactions from my direct debit at the moment so they are not able to cancel it. I do not want to wait payments to be made and ask for a refund from Bulb because the amounts are a bit high.

Anybody ever had the same issue in the past and how to resolve?


I’m pretty sure this is not possible to resolve without waiting for the payment to clear. Once it’s hit your bank you’ll be able to ask your bank to refund it under the direct debit guarantee, which should be processed same-day. I’m not sure how you get on with the guarantee when the payment wasn’t actually a mistake or error. You may be best to just wait until Bulb have the payment and then ask them to refund some of your balance, if you can cope with the cashflow issue.

Hello, it seems like the only way to go. Thank you so much for the detailed information!