I’ve done the switch 2nite and have now realised I am in debit with current supplier, so I need to cancel my switch. Shame as was a good price. Is it ok to cancel?

Hi Russ

If you’re happy with switching to Bulb, why don’t you just pay off your current supplier and go ahead.
We made the switch and are really glad we did so, for a number of reasons including that you actually can get to speak quickly to a real helpful person, not put on hold for 20 mins.

Good luck whatever you decide.

All the best

@Russ23 As long as you are in you cooling off period you can cancel. (14 days from the date you applied to switch to us)

Just let me know if you do want to cancel and we can do so, if you are able to pay off the debit with the current supplier you will still be able to switch or they might be able to put you on a payment plan.