Cancelling a Switch

In the last week I cancelled a switch to Octopus on their website. Bulb then sent me an email saying Sorry I was Leaving. I responded by cancelling the switch on the Bulb website. Yesterday I had a phone call from Bulb to say say Sorry I was Leaving. I told the caller I had cancelled the switch on both websites. Today I have had another email from Bulb to say Sorry I was Leaving. I have again responded by cancelling the switch. What do I have to do to convince the company that I am staying with them?

Hey @brynleydm Welcome back to the community. :bulb:

Sorry you have had many duplicate responses from us, we can actually put a stop to this via a request on the account.

In terms of why the requests have come would normally be down to the amount of times the supplier has requested a switch.

When they request a switch it generates us to send an email pretty quickly.

If you would like to let us know how long you wish to put a block on your account for (eg a month) we can stop any switches in that timeframe.

This should prevent Octopus from doing this again.