Cancelling account and automatic payment

Hello there,

Due to my relocation to a different country I need to cancel my account with Bulb and the automatic payment.

What is the procedure for that?

What is the notice period I need to give?


Hi @mistrellojacopo we don’t need any notice. We just need to know the date you are no longer responsible for the bills at the property and the final meter readings for that day.

If you have contact details for the next people at the property or the agency that would be super helpful :slight_smile:

OK thanks.

Also, I just receive the account update which is way over any other months - we are talking 7 times more than the previous month? Not sure what happened ?

Would appreciate your help.



It looks like we had not had a meter reading from you for a while and so had been estimating. It looks like we had been consistently underestimating a little bit each month for 10 months and so when we got your readings yesterday the statement was larger than normal to catch up to your actual meter readings

OK I have also checked that and seems it was the case. Thanks, Jacopo

Thanks @mistrellojacopo. Just let us know when you’re moving out, and we’ll create a final energy statement for you.