Cancelling Direct Debit - Paying just what I use

I’ve seen a few threads about this topic, but I’m still not sure of the correct answer so I thought I would ask directly to see if anyone has done this. Bulb have just tried to increase my minimum monthly payment (basically double what it was before), so I want to cancel my DIrect Debit to just pay for what we’re actually using every month. Do I need to contact anyone at Bulb before telling my bank to cancel, or is it ok to just cancel the Direct Debit and pay the exact bill amount on the date I receive the bill?


You do not need to cancel your DD. You can ask Bulb to put you on a variable DD. You’ll then pay by DD the monthly billed amount. Any credit you have will be used first.

Variable DD will not build up any credit on your account, so you need to be aware.