Cancelling switch over from uswitch

Hi please can someone cancel my switch over that I applied for on uswitch.

Hi @MBhikha123 I can confirm your switch to Bulb won’t be going ahead, we do hope to see you again!

Dear TimC at Bulb - I have also tried (by phone) to cancel a switch to Bulb but am receiving emails to the effect that payment will collected from me even if I do not use your service. Help

Hi @Anonymous, are the emails you’re receiving regarding a payment from Bulb or the service you used to switch?

If you’re still before your switch date, no payment will be taken by Bulb if you cancel a switch to them.

@mowcius The emails are indeed from bulb; a notification that they will take a payment (via direct debit) despite my having cancelled the switch. I have changed the bank a/c details Bulb hold for me to a fictitious one so should they try to collect money they will be out of luck. The switch process may well work very well however the cancellation of this switch (within the ‘cooling off’ period) appears to be lacking.

@“Andrew at Bulb”/@“Will at Bulb”, any ideas?

Hi @Anonymous and @mowcius

The email that was sent is usually cancelled automatically as part of the account closure process, but very occasionally it is sent in error. The rest of the account details cancelled correctly, so no payment will be taken and no future emails will be sent.


So why, 10 days later do I get another E-mail "Can you feel it? You’re 100% Bulb " when I’m categorically not. Should I be worried, because I have to say I’m a little concerned. Is it another ‘occasional error’ or just a complete cock-up.

Hi @“Rob at Bulb” surprise, surprise - after my comment this morning prompted by an e-mail I received from Bulb I return home to find yet another this time asking me to supply a meter reading. Since I don’t have an account with you isn’t that rather cheeky if a little pointless. Please sort things out. Thank-you