cancelling with my old supplier

I am beginning to wonder if my old supplier M & S energy have been contacted by yourselves regarding my changeover from 26th inst. I am still receiving correspondence from them regarding a new tariff they intend imposing. I have provided them with, what I believe to be, afinal meter reading twice now with no response from them. I believe that ‘Octopus energy’ is their new supplier, which may be causing confusion.
Are you able to confirm whether M & S energy/Octopus have been notified of my changeover to yourselves as I am becoming concerned.

Generally speaking it takes a little while for your previous supplier to contact you once you switch. Your opening reading which you sent to Bulb just prior to your switch have to be validated by a third party before being passed across to your previous supplier. Once your previous supplier has the validated readings they can supply your final bill and normally say sorry to lose you. In theory it can take 6 weeks but is generally much quicker can this.

@r809joan7304 Are you able to email us with a photo of your meter please so that we can make sure we have all the correct information?