Cannot download the APP to my iPhone

I cannot download the app to my iphone.
It appears to start but then just stops.
Can anyone assist please?

Uninstall the app, restart your phone, download it again. Maybe it got itself confused.

@wulf not really helpful. Intelligence agencies will be able to track you whether you have a smart phone or not. They’ll only be interested once your behaviour patterns indicate known malice.

@wulf maybe you should keep your conspiracy opinions to yourself.

I was trying to help the originator of the thread fix something of theirs that lives in the 21st century.

To be fair I’m surprised you’re with bulb as they don’t take cash payments and don’t use paperless billing. If you’ve even half embraced being online your information is exposed anyway.

This forum is for help and support. Not broadcasting conspiracy theories. And your post has been flagged down because it’s not relevant to the conversation

I think your tin foil hat must be loose, as your thoughts are appearing on this forum.

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