Cannot enter Gas meter reading if they are the same as last month


Has anyone had this problem, we only use Gas for the central heating so over the last couple of months the readings have remained the same as no Gas used. However, the Bulb system does not seem to be capable of accepting that a household can enter the same reading on consecutive months.
Have contacted ‘Support’, (Ivan) and they reply that it’s been updated but why does it work OK for Electricity and not Gas?


The checking process for electricity and gas readings are slightly different. Whilst one might be accepted the other may not be.

If our website says that your reading is different then we will need to process your readings manually, just drop us an email and we can help out. The reason is, if your readings are significantly different to the estimates we will need to check them. The estimates are updated every time we get a reading from you so it should sort itself out over time and be more accurate.

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