Cannot find address

I’m trying to switch to bulb but they can’t find my address. Has anyone experienced this or know what to do?

I presume you are doing this online. Not sure of the answer but very occasionally when I send a parcel the address could not be found and I had to submit manually.
I would phone Bulb to discuss.

Hi @KP1984

This can happen if the electricity and gas database has incorrect information about your address but we can usually get this sorted very simply.

If you’ve not put through your switch, I would advise on sending an email to with a copy of your current supplier’s bill attached so that we can find the meters numbers and advise from there.


We have just moved into the property at the weekend so have not got a previous bill. I have sent the help team the serial number of the meter so hopefully this can be sorted quickly.

Does anyone have a phone number for bulb as I cannot seem to find one?!

0300 30 30 635.