Cannot find Bulb account


I am trying to sign into Bulb on main page but when I do my account is not found. I requested email to find account and followed instructions but it still won’t find, Strangely it logs in and allows access to forums but if I try to access another page is asks to find account again.


Hi @terenceknowles, thanks for getting in touch.

I can see that we have a Bulb account set up for your email address, and that is the same email that is linked to your Community account here, so it should be working for you.

I’ve sent you a password reset email, so hopefully this will help you get on.

I’ve also sent you an email to the email address that your Bulb account is attached to, so feel free to respond to my email there if you’re still struggling to get in :slight_smile:

can i get a number to call customer support

Hi @billlark55,

Our phone number is 0300 303 0635.

I’m experiencing the same problem. I have just had to create a new account to be able to post on this forum. If I need to do that each time, thats gonna cause problems, isn’t it?!
I’m concerned that bulb hasn’t got my first meter readings. And that I won’t be able to submit them regularly. I have e-mailed them. But having seen other customer posts, there seems to be an issue with bulb responding to e-mails. I am a disabled customer, and have a difficulty with phoning. Its more accessible for me to post here or e-mail.

Did you try the magic link?(sometimes works)
Otherwise they wil have to reset your password/account
Hopefully a member of C/S will see your post and respond

Hi @HelenJolly,

I’ve just popped you an email now with a link to set up your online account - sorry this wasn’t active before. You can still give us the reading today, that’s no issue. Hopefully that’s all sorted now!

From what you’ve mentioned, it may be worthwhile looking into our Priority Services Register (PSR). This is available to members who need assistance due to personal circumstances - for example if you’re elderly, unwell, disabled, hard of sight or hearing, or you live with a child under 5. Click on this link to find out more. Let me know if you have any questions about this!