cannot find the meter reading input button

Hi there, my electricity supply with Bulb starts today, I was sent an email asking for the meter reading, however, I cannot find the submit a meter reading button on the dashboard, when I click the ‘energy usage’, the web page just go blank after a temporarily display ’ no meter reading’, I guess the system has some sort of faulty. is there a helpline I can call? I have a smart meter though installed 2 month ago by previous supplier, is that the reason?

issue solved by downloading an app, then the real question becomes, why there’s no ‘submit a meter reading’ button on the web page? are we all supposed to use app rather laptop or desktop? I hope Bulb IT to solve this issue.

even more amazing, I saw the ‘submit meter reading’ button on the app, however, when I tried to click it, it does not allow me to input an figure, just display a previous supplier meter reading number and date, cannot find how to enter anything in the app…


Our helpline number is 0300 30 30 635 and our lines are open 9-6 Monday to Friday.