Cannot get dead meter fixed

My smart gas meter worked for about 12 months but has been dead for the last 2 years. Pressing the A button does nothing. Bulb cannot get a remote reading but has been happily estimating quite a high usage and debitting money from my bank. My in home meter also cannot connect to it but the electricity meter is ok sending reading to abulb and my inhome meter.
Contacted Bulb help who wanted a photo of the meter which I sent. Said that I would be contacted by the meter team but nothing happened for 6 weeks. Contacted them again explaining the same problem but they say the metering team refuses to come out unless I sent them a video proving that the meter is ‘dead’. What nonsense! They cannot receive a signal and I have read the instructions to wake up the meter and it us definitely dead…but they won’t believe me. What prima donnas.
I am fed up with them can anyone recommend another company with better service?

Hi @yeongx

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I am sorry to hear about your continued problems with your smart meter. I have looked into your case a little further and I can see we have attempted to pull a smart reading from the meter remotely but this was not successful. I have escalated your case to the smart team to investigate the best options going forward.

Gas smart meters can take a little while to wake up as they’re powered by a battery. Ideally, we would like to see a video to use as evidence that the meter is faulty. I understand that this is inconvenient for you, but it is part of our internal meter replacement policy.

We have only recently started replacing smart meters again over the past few weeks. I have raised the meter fault with the required team, and we will be in touch soon.

Once again, I am sorry for the inconvience caused and thank you for your patience so far.


Thanks for your reply. I have pressed the button repeatedly for over 10s duration and the display is blank. I do not see why a video is necessary to prove that I am correctly pressing a button! I will be glad to try a different technique of pressing!!
Chee Yeong

No problem @yeongx - I totally appreciate this must be frustrating. Our metering team should be in touch soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Report this to Ofgem if it is over eight weeks since you first complained.
They will investigate and demand an explanation from the utility provider.

Hi Jim
Still not contacted by the meter team. This is absolutely rubbish service.

Hi @yeongx

I’m really sorry for the delay with this. Our metering team have confirmed that we can now exchange your meter. I’ve just dropped you an email, so if you can reply to that I can then get it booked in for you.

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Same problem here since August 2021 but with the electric meter. I was told to send a video too, showing me pressing the buttons to prove I knew how to use the meter?!? Was then told it would be 4/5 months for an appointment, and they would contact me. I got an email in February to book an appointment, the first one available was 11/05/2022, a week before I got an email to say the engineer cancelled the appointment and to book another one, but when I tried there were no appointments available!! So great customer service!

Hi @sandor1 :wave:

I am really sorry to hear that you have had a poor experience with us. I can send you over an email to get this resolved for you and another appointment booked in.


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