Cannot log into my account

I am trying to log into my account to provide my first meter readings as I am switching back to Bulb. I am using the same email address I previously held with Bulb (dont know if that affects it?)

When I log in it only allows me to access the community pages not my actual bulb account. The app also doesnt allow me to log in it just tells me to contact the help email (which I have, waiting on response)

Any help much appreciated!

The app also doesnt allow me to log in it just tells me to contact the help email (which I have, waiting on responsesuggest you phone(0300 30 30 365) or use live chat and ask for an account reset, common fault with returning customers that has been ongoing for years. And they seem unable to rectify

Hi @wardandrew613, thanks for joining the Bulb community and welcome to Bulb too!

Taking a look at your account, I can see that we have now merged your accounts. You should have received an email, inviting you to log into your Bulb account and when you log in, you should be able to see both your properties in a drop-down box.

@skippy64, I have done the same for yourself, but I can see that you have quite a few different accounts on my system, so this might be a little more complicated for your case.

If either of you are still struggling with this, let me know :ok_hand:

Thank you, all rectified now and I can see both my old and new address!


Hi Lou, I am having the same trouble as wardandrew. I am a new customer trying to give meter readings but I can’t access my account aside from the community pages.

Many thanks

Hi @murrays383👋 Welcome to Bulb Community

Have you tried logging in using the app and a browser? If you’ve tried both of these we may need to raise this with the tech team, as it’s not clear why you’d be having trouble logging in

Also having the same issue as murrays383

Hi @marklaurenson and welcome to our community :deciduous_tree:

I’ve sent you a reset password email to get into your account. Please follow the steps on this email. If you’re still having trouble please let me know.

Hi all,

similar problem as above. Accounts were merged last week and was expecting to access bulb account within days, still no access apart from community pages. Grateful if this could be rectified ASAP please.


@Noah_at_Bulb, @Lou_at_Bulb, @Matthew_W_at_Bulb

can one of you see my message above and resolve the situation please?

No problem, I’ve sent you a reset password email now :deciduous_tree: :zap:

Thanks, all sorted now