Cannot move to EV rate

I have been in email correspondence with Thembeka Mkhize in Bulb support regarding our now installed Ohme charger and wishing to change to the EV rate. There is no option when I attempt the change online. A page tells me to check if we have a smart meter (we do, the old type) and then returns to the original page with no option to sign up. I have pointed this out, but no further response from Bulb. We need to change NOW!

Hey @tirnanog Thanks for your post.

We can see you have been attempting to get switched but encountering that error. I have just raised with our EV tariff team for an urgent look into this for you, they will need to investigate into the connection to see what has occured.

I have also messaged Thembeka to get back to you as soon as possible when we get that response from the EV team, once we do we will confirm the next steps for this switch.

–Carl :bulb:

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you positively very soon.
I am wondering if the problem is our old type meter: readings rarely appear on our usage and there is a rapidly vanishing section to send readings via the app and no facility at all on our web page.

Can you please resolve this problem. I am still being emailed with the same “advice”, despite repeatedly saying that I cannot sign up.

Hi @tirnanog thanks for the message back, sorry you were encountering further issues here.

I can see you were emailed by a colleague regarding this and the potential removal of your older smart meters, we are going to run this by the team because we can appreciate that the cost of removal is not ideal. When we get that response, we will email you back.

–Carl :bulb:

Thank you Carl, at least the problem has now been recognised. I look forward to hearing from Bulb a.s.a.p.

I wanted to see if there is any updates on my account and the ability to Switch to an EV tarrif

Hey @MrDParsons thanks for your message.

I can see you have registered your interest in the EV but we encountered an error which Holly emailed to you around the 10th Jan.

It seems we have had issues receiving important updates regarding your smart meters through industry causing it to be unable to be part of the EV. Have you spoke to anyone else since then?

Carl :bulb:

No - I was just told ‘there is nothing we can do’.

Is there any ETA for resolving the issues that you have? What are those issues and what is needed to get them fixed?

Hi @MrDParsons :wave:

We’ve had issues with your smart readings coming through to our system, because of the connectivity levels with smart network.

As Holly mentioned, this has been raised with the smart team, and as soon as you’re eligible you’ll be notified.

Thanks for your patience,
– Meg :bulb: