Cannot see gas on bulb app

I have recently had a smart meter installed on PAYG. Part of my reason for the switch was that idea of being able to see and top up through an app.
I can top up and see Electricity. However all I get with gas is how much there is on the meter and how long it will last for. I cannot top gas or see gas usage on the app.

Hi @MR.RYE :wave:

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So it looks like your smart gas meter was not set up quite correctly on the system. This meant that you would be unable to access the top-up option on the account. I have corrected that for you now, so you should be able to make gas top-ups in the same way as you can for electricity.

Please let me know if this is still an issue and I can take another look for you.

-Luke :bulb:

Thank you

All appears to be working as I would expect.

Thank you again for the quick reply and fix

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