Cannot submit my meter readings

Hello I am not able to submit my readings through my bulb account and I cannot download the bulb app. I have only three options on my account: community, sign out and help. I am unable to submit my meter readings. Could my account be reset?

Mines is the exact same

Hi @mariaprieto @MadalinP I’ve checked your accounts from our side and it looks like you should be able to submit readings now - please click this link to check. Could you let me know if not so I can take another look?

@Keir2020 Welcome to the Bulb Community! It looks like your account isn’t active with us, which is why you aren’t able to submit readings. I’ve sent you a private message with further explanation now.

Hi @Jim_at_Bulb I am still unable to submit my readings. I cannot find anywhere the option to submit them. Could you take another look?
Many thanks.

Hi @mariaprieto - I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this!

I’ve taken another look and this option is still visible on our side. Are you using the website or the app? You should be able to submit readings on both, but I just want to establish if the issue is app specific. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I’m logged into a relatives account now who is having the same problem. They are a new customer who I referred. They also cannot submit their meter readings, they are using a laptop.

This is what the bug looks like:

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Hi @Jim_at_Bulb
I am using the website because I cannot download the app (it says it is not available in my country). On the website I only have three options: Community, Help and Sign Out (just like in the image @Sharples sent). I have been having this problem since I joined bulb, but I used a link I recieved on an email asking me to submit my meter readings, now this link is not working, so I am unable to submit any readings…

Hey @mariaprieto - thanks for your comment. I’ve sent you a reset password email now, so you should be able to use that to log in!

@Sharples if this is for an account thats not under the email you use for your Community account, please can you ask the person with that email to send us a message to and we’ll be able to get that sorted for them there!