Cannot submitt meter reading

Please help, I have tried on several occasions to work out how to submitt a meter reading. I have no ‘submit reading’ in my account. Please can you advise me of what i should do.
Ragards Pete Madders

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Hi Pete,

My bulb dashboard looks like this (some information removed obviously), I can’t imagine why they’d not include the “submit meter reading”

I do seem to get logged off between instructions sometimes though so that might be the issue? If it says sign in on the top right then sign in and click “bulb home” or dashboard before you get logged out.

Not sure why it’s an issue but I hope this helps,


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Thanks very much for the reply…I don’t even have a dashboard…very time I just get on to ‘community’. It says I’m signed in…but nowhere can I even see a dashboard.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I had the same issue, no dashboard, seems like they didn’t setup my account correctly first time. Contact their support email they should sort it out.

Good luck!